[mythtv-users] Preparing for HDTV in 2005

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Mon Aug 16 16:01:30 EDT 2004

> S-Video IN our OUT?  If IN, what's the use unless that means they are
> putting a mpeg encoder chip onboard which would make this quite a different
> beast than the current card I believe.   If it was IN and we could get
> support for the S-Video -> mpeg2 feature then that could stear a lot of
> people away from the current analog hardware encoder cards since a lot of
> people just run S-Video or composite into them.

>From what I understand, the analog support in the PC-2000 is something
just like a Hauppauge WinTV card: a frame grabber.  If you want MPEG2,
you spend CPU cycles to get it there.  I suspect the S-video input
spits out exactly the same data, but gets it from an unmodulated video
signal instead of from a tuned antenna/analog cable signal.


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