[mythtv-users] "zoom" and/or crop video during recording

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Aug 16 13:12:11 EDT 2004

Chris Pinkham wrote:

>>>Why even replace it if we can strip it off?  Myth knows how to handle 
>>>automatically adding the black bars during playback if the aspect ratio
>>>of the video doesn't match the aspect ratio of the display.
>>Yes.  replace during playback, not encode.
>Not sure how much of the bitrate it saves in
>the end though so maybe it's more of a convenience thing.
Red vs. Blue ( http://www.redvsblue.com/ ) is a comedy series acted out 
using Halo on XBox.  The producers of the series explored the idea of 
cropping out the black bars in the video and decided against it because 
of the increased processing requirements and the fact that the 
difference in bitrate was negligible.

However, it would be nice to "clean up" those bars.


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