[mythtv-users] Question after transcoding

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Aug 15 11:51:36 EDT 2004

> So my question is this... for transcoding of RTJpeg files to MPEG4 and not
> marking the commercials(except for the ones that are automatically
> marked), if i dont manually mark commercials and transcode the file
> manually, will it cut the commercials or just transcode the whole
> file.....  it seems that it leaves the whole file.  so if it leaves the
> commercials, why does the cutlist dissapear from the database?

The cutlist and the commercial skip list are two different things.  I believe
that the transcoder only honors the cutlist.  In a perfect world, it would
probably not delete the commercial skip list when the file is transcoded
without a cutlist being applied since the commercials should not have
changed, but I believe that since transcoding could change frame numbers,
the commercial skip list is removed since the frame numbers could be off.

You can always rerun commercial flagging on a file after it's transcoded.

Hopefully I'll get some time in the semi-near future to work on some
ideas I've had related to transcoding and commercial detection.  I'd like to
make a form of common job queue so for instance, a recording could be
queued up for transcoding and commercial detection after the recording
completed.  The transcoding would be queued up first, then the commercial
detection.  This way commercial detection would run on the final transcoded
file.  Other queued jobs might be things like "move this recording to the
archive directory" or "use nuvexport to automatically make a DVD from
this recording".



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