[mythtv-users] Itunes 4.6, mfd, mtd, AAC and MythMusic

Nathan Ziarek htpc at ziarek.com
Sun Aug 15 09:35:35 EDT 2004

First off, I love that someone is working on this. It makes the MythMusic
module, in my mind, leaps and bounds more useful.

Now, I have it installed (very recently ~ a day), and when I launch
everything and pop open the Powerbook I see the list. However clicking on it
says that iTunes 4.6 and MythMusic are not compatible. I get a similar
warning from the Myth side of things: ³WARNING: daap server plugin daap
server does not yet have specific code for this version of iTunes: 4.6² I
can understand if the update to iTunes changed some things, so I really just
want to verify that I am not doing something wrong / have a wrong setting.

When in MythMusic, how do you see the music available through iTunes? I
looked through the ReadMe and the program options, but I just donıt see it.
Is that a function of my problem above? Once again, just want to make sure I
am not doing something dumb.

I know mfd is in alpha stage, but I noticed I canıt run mfd and mtd at the
same time, even after I changed the port number in setup. Does the port
number need to be changed elsewhere to make these peacefully coexist?

Lastly, I tried to enable AAC support using the flag --enable-aacsupport,
but it errored out on me during make (sorry, I don't have the error text in
front of me, but can get it if it helps). I assume it is because I don't
have the proper AAC libraries installed. I've looked, and it seems as if the
FAAD2 libraries are what I want, but I've installed them to no real luck.
What type of things need to be installed for aac support?

Lot of questions. Thanks for your time if you have any answers :)


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