[mythtv-users] "zoom" and/or crop video during recording

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Aug 14 15:28:20 EDT 2004

I know about the overscan/underscan settings for display, but is there a 
way to zoom the video BEFORE recording?  I'd like some way to get rid of 
those black bars on the sides of the screen that broadcaster use to 
compensate for tv's natural overscan.

Also, I have a feature request.  In order to boost quality a little for 
recording, it would be cool if there was a recording selection to "crop" 
off the top/bottom x % of the show, and have mythtv replace it with its 
own self-drawn black bars (we'd of course have manually figure out how 
much during live-tv watching of a similar show).  This would be great 
for shows that are broadcast in letterbox or widescreen mode (like stargate)


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