[mythtv-users] NewB woes: Sound problems

James J Tucker jamesjtucker at comcast.net
Sat Aug 14 14:41:52 EDT 2004

Hello to all, 
I have been reading the archives on this list for a while. I plotted, i planned, and finally managed to get the time/resources to build my own myth box, following (more or less) jarrods guide. 
The system is setup like so: amd 1900+, 512 mb ram, onboard sound (SIS), Geforce 2 MX, plenty of ide/scsi storage, and Fedora Core 2. (I was planning on using Suse, but my free Dvd kit hasn't shown up yet). 
Here are the poblems i have (so far ;) ) :
1) Sound loops, i get about a 2 sec loop of whatever channel i am watching, which repeats itself/amplyfies itself/echos. I think this might be the buffer filling, because it goes away after a minute or so. 
2) Sound probs, part 2: Once i open the tv module, the system will never close the connection to the tv card. I can exit mythfrontend, kill the backend, even log out, and i get audio from whatever channel i left it on.
3) Video/sound mux probs: Im getting the "dubbed kung-foo movie effect" here, all the video settings are at 480, rtjpeg, pretty much default options. I cant see anything that would make this better. I have a Geforce 4 5200 video card in my main desktop at the moment, which i suppose i could swap in, if i can figure out how to cleanly swap them.

Any hints/ideas would be great. I need to get this up and running before the wife gets back from vacation, to establish a high initial wife approval factor (IWAF). 
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