[mythtv-users] On PVR250 works, now an input question

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Aug 13 23:13:56 EDT 2004

Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 06:33:32PM -0700, Bruce Markey wrote:
> I have a vaguely related question:

As Isaac mentioned, this does come up periodically and often
the right answer is to use something else to create general
purpose digital files. However, I've used a DVD player on a
video input to record test patterns from Video Essentials to
test recording parameters and I'm sure there are other good
reasons to want to do this. 

>  it would appear that there is no way
> to just record random video off those video inputs, that is, to ingest
> old programs from tape. It *seems* as if, to be permitted to change
> Input Connections on the tuner card you're watching, you have to have
> defined a Video Source for the input in question... but there doesn't

A video source AND a channel. The recorder needs to look up
info in the 'channel' table so the source is kind of means
to that end.

> seem to be any way to do that without associating the Input with a
> Video Source... and there's no generic "Live Video" source.

In earlier versions, "C" would cycle through all the inputs
whether there was a signal or not. This was annoying and bad
because the recorder could hang, freeze, crash or just screw up
if there was no signal. Now an input is only active if it has
a source associated. You still need a pseudo-channel to select
and for manual record to put entries that it needs into the
'program' table...

> Can I hack one into the Video Sources table without breaking anything,
> now that I've figured out how to *get* into those tables?  :-)

Naw, you don't need to hack at it, it's easy enough through
the interface. Run the setup program and answer "no" to the
two questions.

"3. Video Sources"->New video source. Enter "Live Video" for
the name, don't touch any of the grabber info just press
"Finish" (easy, hey). Without grabber info, mythfilldatabase
will inertly fail to grab listings for this source. Not a

"4. Input Connections". Associate "Live Video" with the
appropriate input.

"5. Channel Editor"->New Channel, fill in a name, number, you
probably need a fake callsign to keep the scheduler happy (don't
use a callsign that matches a real station) and set "Live Video"
as the source. Everything else is optional, unnecessary or uses
a reasonable default.

You now have a channel for a source on that input. You can use
"C" to change the input in live TV. TV->Schedule Recordings->
Manual Schedule will have your new channel in the "Channel"
combobox so you can create a manual record.

The way the scheduler works is that there are record rules and
SQL queries look for matching items in the listing. The current
manual record uses the same mechanism so it adds a fake entry
into the listings at the same time as it adds the record rule.
Both gigem and I know that this should be changed to add manual
items to the schedule without checking the listings but nobody
has gotten around to it yet.

There was an earlier, simpler manual record that was more suited
to dubbing tapes but not so good at manually scheduling shows.
This had a preview window, duration setting, and start and stop
buttons. This never worked right, the author quickly disappeared,
and no one took on maintaining it.

> It seems this shouldn't be a *really* uncommon need; perhaps Live Video
> would be a good thing to add as a default Video Source.

There are no default Video Sources and the trick is to just not
setup a grabber. Perhaps it needs a NULL grabber choice like "Live
Video",  "Video only", "No listings", "No grabber" or something
like that to make it more obvious that you can do this.

--  bjm

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