[mythtv-users] RE: 0.15.1 won't change channels when recording...

Eric Lennon Bowman ebowman at boboco.ie
Fri Aug 13 13:43:35 EDT 2004

Bill wrote:
 >I wrote:
>>way, except one:  the backend simply refuses to change the channel when 
>>recording something I've scheduled.  The frontend changes channel no 

> Sounds like a permissions issue. Assuming your not running lirc, does the
> user running the backend have permission to 1) access the program/script?,
> 2) access the com port? Check to see if the backend user is a member of the
> UUCP group. Running lirc? Sorry, cant help there (I hate lirc). What happens
> if you manually run the script from the backend user account?

It certainly does, doesn't it.  But, the frontend and the backend are 
both run as the same user.  Just to be sure I tried running the backend 
as root, both with and without setting MYTH_USER, but that didn't fix it.

My mythtv user wasn't a member of the uucp group, but that didn't fix it 

Upon closer inspection, it appears I left out a useful turd in the 
backend log, though:

Starting up as the master server.
2004-08-13 18:14:22 mythbackend version: 0.15.20040525-1 www.mythtv.org
2004-08-13 18:14:22 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
2004-08-13 18:14:24 Found changes in the todo list.
2004-08-13 18:14:25 Scheduled 69 items in 1.01741 seconds.
2004-08-13 18:14:25 Recording starts soon, AUTO-Startup assumed
2004-08-13 18:14:25 Started recording "BBC News; Regional News; Weather" 
on channel: 1010 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
Couldn't find input: Composite on card
2004-08-13 18:14:25 Changing from None to RecordingOnly

"Couldn't find input: Composite on card" seems wrong.  "Tuner 0" was 
what I was expecting it to use for input.

A quick google search isn't showing anything of interest, so I fired up 
cscope and jumped into the code.  Hmm, "Couldn't find input" seems a bit 
more relevant.  Google revealed that somebody else had a messed up row 
in the cardinput table, a quick look revealed I had the same, so I fixed 
that and now it works!

Thanks for your help.
Eric Lennon Bowman
BoboCo Ltd
ebowman at boboco.ie

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