[mythtv-users] A litte OT : better image quality

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Fri Aug 13 09:47:01 EDT 2004

i have the averkey gold 3 i believe its called.. and i was very very 
disapointed in the quality of the picture.. it also can not keep up with 
fast motion..

my question is if you have a HDTV why not use a vga to component 
adapter? or DVI?


Duarte Cordeiro wrote:

> Hi,
> I own a pundit and a 32” 16:9 TV, 5 feet away from my couch. Using the 
> pundit tvout at 800x600 I do get a clear image (I can use regular 
> linux with regular fonts), but I can’t put it to work on 1024x768: 
> using Mythtv is nice and good, but for smaller fonts, buttons, I do 
> get much much flicker.
> I’ve read something about VGA->PAL converters, and my question is to 
> those who already have one, or have seen one into work:
> Looking to the Avermedia products (lite, 300 and 500), can someone 
> tell me if they produce a better image then the pundit’s one ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Duarte Cordeiro
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