[mythtv-users] 2 cards, 2 sources.

Bryan Ware bryan at hb-computers.com
Fri Aug 13 09:15:16 EDT 2004

I know this has been asked and I have searched the List and found some
answers to my ensuing question. The last post of relevance on this
subject was back in April and was wondering if this problem was fixed in
0.15. So here it is...

I built a Myth box for my Father-n-Law and he has Digital Cable. His
setup has 2 PVR-250 cards in it. I have setup 2 source in the database,
one for digital and one for Analog. Now I have seen the Following
solution but I have a problem with it that I will state in a minute : 

Source1 = digital cable with no lower channels.
source2 = analog cable

Card1 - Tuner0 = source2
Card2 - Tuner0 = source2
Card2 - SVideo0 = Source1

This configuration will use the source2 for channels numbered below 99.
Now here is my problem with this. Comcast does send digital quality
video and sound on the digital receive on the lower channels. Fox
channel 5 is one example. Now, if I use the above configuration, I am
losing the ability to use that quality. I don't have that big of a
problem with with the quality issue, he will be fine with that, but does
0.15 have the ability to automatically switch between the cards/input to
view the proper channel that is inputed? Example, I am watching TV on
Card1 channel 5 and want to watch channel 301, will Myth change to Card2
and the SVideo0 input? Is there a way to have the two source have both
lower channels and be able to watch digital TV on the second card?
Basically, am i proceeding in the right direction, or is there a better
way to do this to get the Digital quality on the lower channels? Does
Myth do automatic card/input changes?

Thanks in advanced for the help. 


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