[mythtv-users] Guide data

MacNean C. Tyrrell dardack at nycap.rr.com
Thu Aug 12 17:50:51 EDT 2004

Is there a way, i'm can program some, to make the guide data overlay 
live tv just like TIVO.  Like the channels are listted on the left side 
of the screen and while you're over a channel what's playing is on the 
right, but because it doesn't display details, just time and show name 
you get to see alot into the future.  I really like how that is 
displayed on tivo while watching TV.  Is there a way to do this on MYTHTV?

Also, just for my own curiousity, how many people leave mythtv on live 
tv while their not home or sleeping or not watching tv?  I used to just 
leave tv in TV mode, but am a little nervous to do that with mythtv as i 
don't want to have to reboot and such.

One more thing, i don't know if i want to buy an external PSU yet, i 
found a nice 250w internal PSU that is very quiet, at least to me (not 
as picky as some), and was wondering if it was safe to leave outside the 
TIVO case i'm using and run the wires inside.  Thanks for everyone's 
help so far.  Hopefully i can start moddin soon, the parts are on the 
way.  In the meantime i'm building a homebrew IR receiver.  We'll see 
how that goes.

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