[mythtv-users] Myth 0.15.1 + FC2 + kernell 2.6.7 + pcHDTV and MCEPVR-250

Anthony Vito anthony.vito at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 16:03:45 EDT 2004

> I decided to take a jump to FC2 and the 2.6.x series kernel since these seem
> to have most all I needed, just add the appropriate 2.6.x patch found in the
> download area at www.pcHDTV.com. I spend a lot of time trying different
> kernels configurations as well as kraxel patches and even ATprms kernels. I
> even at one point updated to that latest FC2 kernel. All to no avail; then I
> read a post I believe here or pcHDTV forums of some one having success with
> plain vanilla 2.6.7 kernel + the 2.6.6 patches kernel configure to use
> pcHDTV and non 4K stacks.

That was probably me.

> Success that did it, I should say that I recompiled MythTV after booting in
> the 2.6.7 kernel. I still have to do dtvsignal /dev/video32 <some chan with
> good signal> before starting the mythbackend, does any one know how to
> automate this within mythTV?

Sweet, nice to know I helped. These lines in rc.local should do it...
( dtvsignal and mythbackend have to be in the $PATH )

dtchannel=<put a good freqid here>
dtvsignal /dev/dtv $dtchannel > /dev/null 2>&1 &
sleep 2
kill $pid
mythbackend &

> I had to add the /dev/video32 myself since the kernel patch won't add this.
> Myth uses /dev/video32 not /dev/video0 (witch is also used by pcHDTV why?)

I have myth set to use /dev/dtv.... to each his own

> Also don't forget to change the chan freq for all you HDTV channels with
> mythweb or chan editor (myth setup).
> At first I could not switch tuners when in LiveTV (I could record no
> problem) it would only use the PVR250 (since is my primary card) I could see
> HDTV in the pip window but no switch. Then I read a trick you can do where
> one will start a recording on the first tuner then go to live TV; great
> first time ever I saw HDTV on my MythTV live TV window.
> Now The KICKER after that I deleted the dummy recorded program but know I
> can switch tuners with out having to start a recording on the first!!!! At
> first I thought this was temporary but I have since then rebooted the pc and
> I can still go watch live TV and then press "y" to switch to the HDTV tuner.
> Does any one know what is needed to initialize in MythTV to allow this from
> the beginning without having to do the trick?

I actually don't have a second tuner... so I can't help you there. I
have an equally odd problem with my mythTV pcHDTV setup. Live TV works
great. All the channels and sub-channels are perfect. However, when I
try to record anything it records the wrong channel! Could be


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