[mythtv-users] Moving files between Backends

Josh Renzema josh at renzema.org
Thu Aug 12 11:56:46 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I have a rather interesting situation and I am hoping that someone may have
an idea or two...

I am currently in Sweden and have configured a Myth box (backend and front
on the same box).  I have the same configuration in the USA as well. 

Currently I am recording shows in the USA, exporting them to Xvid using
nuvexport, and them watching them here in Sweden using a regular movie

I would like to integrate the two boxes somehow.  Preferably I would like to
record the shows locally in the USA, then move the recorded files to Sweden
and have the recorded shows display in the recorded shows area.

I have thought about simply making one a Front-end box, but I don't think
that will work because of the bandwidth issue - At best I can move about
30Kps - not nearly enough to support playback.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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