[mythtv-users] Using mythtv as a plain VCR with xmltv but no broadband connection to internet

Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Thu Aug 12 10:46:22 EDT 2004

You don't really need a separate Linux box for this purpose. You may
just setup your mythtv box with ppp on-demand.

I have bad experiences with so-called winmodems, but it was a long time
ago I stopped completely trying to make them working. So, if you decide
to go with an internal (cheapo) winmodem, just be very carefull to make
sure it is supported (and well supported) to avoid a lot of

Take a look at:  http://www.linmodems.org/

Daniel Savard

Le jeu 12/08/2004 à 09:50, Jimmy Larsson a écrit :
> Sounds good. I guess there are plenty of PPP-howotos for Linux out 
> there, so I am not at all worried about that part. ;)
> So, will I have any problem if I get a box with an internal vanilla 
> PCI-modem that costs almost nothing as is probably unlabeled?
> (I know this is out of scope for this mailing-list. I hereby give myself 
> an official of-topic-warning and promise not to do it again. :-) )
> /Jimmy
> Daniel Savard wrote:
> >Le jeu 12/08/2004 à 08:11, Jimmy Larsson a écrit :
> >  
> >
> >>Too bad, I have no DVB.
> >>
> >>I am just so focused by the feature to be able to tell the "VCR" to 
> >>"always record This Serie and That Program and That Show, no matter on 
> >>which channel and what time".
> >>
> >>Besides from the feature above I will use the mythtv-box as MP3-player 
> >>and DVD-player. The only "online-feature" I really MUST have is to get 
> >>the program table automatically into the box. That is easy with a static 
> >>internet-connection, but as long as I live on the countryside I have to 
> >>stick to my old modem. :/
> >>
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >
> >You can setup your box with the modem to automatically call your
> >provider when a packet is routed on the ppp0 interface using the
> >on-demand feature of pppd. You have to setup also the idle time before
> >closing the connection. It is working fine for more than three years for
> >my home network. I have a old linux box acting as a router with the
> >modem for outside connections, a wireless card for the wireless network,
> >a ethernet interface for the wired network and it is running pppd in the
> >on-demand mode (the interface is created and useable for routing even if
> >the connection is not actually made with the ISP) and dhcpd to provide
> >dynamically addresses to new hosts.
> >

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