[mythtv-users] choosing an archive format for recordings

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Aug 12 08:08:37 EDT 2004

>>     A couple of reasons, really.  The most important is that my mythtv box 
>> is very inaccessible.  It's basically a settop-box, no monitor except for 
>> the TV, no LAN, no wireless, just a keyboard that I have to sit on the 
>> floor and use looking at the TV.  Because of that, it's
> Well, I guess you have to connect it to LAN ;-)
 	It's complicated.  My housemate (also house-owner) is a superlative 
neat-freak.  There will be no wires in the hardwood, glass, and leather 
furniture room.  I have played with wireless and it's promising.

>>     The third reason is processing power.  At school I've got my main 
>> machine (dual athlon 2400) and a dual Xeon 2.4 GHz accessible.  Each CPU 
>> can process video the way I want at approximately 4hr/hr.  Running 4 of 
>> them at once, I can do 1hr/hr.  If I were to do that one the mythtv box 
>> (dual PIII 1GHz), it would take 8-10hr/hr and probably never finish before 
>> another show needed transcoding.
> Hmm, this is strange. I am encoding 720x480 into mpeg2 on XP 2000+  1CPU and 
> it takes 2hr/hr. I am am encoding deinterlaced video using "-I 0" of mpeg2enc 
> though, so it is faster.

 	I'm doing 2-pass, so 4hr/hr would be about right.  It's avidemux, 
HQ denoising, resizing, no deinterlacing.


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