[mythtv-users] dvd respecting cutlist

Rob Nichols rob at robnet.com
Thu Aug 12 01:00:00 EDT 2004

Is anyone interested in this?  Is there an easier way?

As part of a project to help a friend move from windows to linux, I've put
together a program to make a dvd from myth shows that respects the cutlist.
Nothing fancy.  I use avidemux2, mplex, and dvdauthor to do all the real work.
It doesn't reencode anything, so it's fairly fast, but does end up making
three copies of the show (it takes 20 minutes to prepare two one hour shows on
a P4-2.4GHz with a decent SATA drive).  

It's a curses app (i.e. text based) that lets you choose shows from a list.
Each show is a title on the dvd, with a simple dvd menu to pick the title.
Each segment of the show is a chapter.  I've tried the resulting DVDs in
several players, and so far those that are new enough to read DVD+RWs can
play them fine.  

The avidemux2 stuff is based on a mythtv-users email several months ago from
Paul De Bruin that gave an example of using it in batch to extract a segment
to files that mplex could use.  Thanks, as before that I had no idea avidemux2
had a batch mode, and certainly would not have tried this.  

The menu stuff was inspired by Wolfgang Wershofen (itconsult at wershofen.de).
Inspired means I didn't cut-and-paste his code, but mine looks a whole lot
like his code!  (His was GPL.)

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to slap a GPL on this and send it to
people.  (feedback and suggestions appreciated)  If people are interested I
should spend a few days on cleanup.  Is there some place little tools like
this normally get posted?  


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