[mythtv-users] TODAY, which is better: Radeon 9100IGP, or GeForce 5700?

Jesper Sörensen jesper at datapartner.se
Wed Aug 11 04:18:12 EDT 2004

Dean Blackburn skrev:

> howdy, I have some machines getting ready to be built, and we have one 
> last decision to make: Go ATI or Nvidia with video out. On the windows 
> side, things lean a bit towards the ATI, and certainly from a cost* 
> perspective, it's a huge win, but I've seen so many posts about ATI 
> card difficulties.

I'd say it depends on what features you need. For single head 2D 
graphics just about any card will do, but the more features you want to 
use the more headaches.

I'm currently using a Radeon 9600 non-pro with Flavio Stanchina's Debian 
packages of the ATI drivers 
(http://www.stanchina.net/~flavio/debian/fglrx-installer.html). Simple 
to install, but even ATI's drivers are a bit crippled.

Sure, it works, I have XV overlay on my 1280x720 DVI out and supposedly 
OpenGL 3D acceleration (no games here), but the overlay only works for 
*one* output (so no overlay on the TV-out if the DVI is connected) and 
the DRI/OpenGL driver doesn't seem to have support for the new vsync 
stuff in Myth which is a bit sad - or maybe there's some magic ritual 
that needs to be performed to get it working?

I hope to try a Nvidia card soon and see how it works. People seem to 
recommend them for Linux but from what I've seen they are not trouble 
free either... :-(

Good luck!

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