[mythtv-users] TODAY, which is better: Radeon 9100IGP, or GeForce 5700?

Dean Blackburn deano at deano.com
Wed Aug 11 01:58:03 EDT 2004

howdy, I have some machines getting ready to be built, and we have one 
last decision to make: Go ATI or Nvidia with video out. On the windows 
side, things lean a bit towards the ATI, and certainly from a cost* 
perspective, it's a huge win, but I've seen so many posts about ATI card 

Is this really a big deal? One problem with a project like this, is that 
the main developers and maintainers almost always try to steer clear of 
endorsing specific hardware/distros/etc, in part because if they appear 
to support something specific, they'll get hatemail from everyone else, 
and support queries from those that buy what they suggest. 
Understandable, but at times inconvenient...

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone's had, say, "great success" with 
the Radeon 9100IGP, or if I should just hunker down and go with a 5700. 
I should also mention that these machines will* be dual boot, and will 
occasionally need the myth-wasted graphics horsepower for various 
windows (and linux??) apps, games, etc.

Any help is appreciated!



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