[mythtv-users] Chosing ALSA or OSS at run time now possible?

Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Tue Aug 10 23:20:02 EDT 2004

Le lun 09/08/2004 à 11:38, Kevin Kuphal a écrit :
> Adam Egger wrote:
> >Hey,
> >I just saw there are many checkins regarding alsa in the last time. Will it be possible to chose ALSA or OSS at run time in mythtv now? I cannot change the volume of my sound card with OSS, only Alsa works. I'm very happy with the precompiled deb-packages, I don't want to compile my own package with alsa activated. Will it be possible to chose alsa or OSS now?
> >  
> >
> If your MythTV is built with ALSA support then you can change your sound 
> device from /dev/dsp to ALSA:whatever.  The capitalization is important 
> and the ALSA option is not on the dropdown but must be typed in.
> Kevin

And seems this work only for MythTV/MythDVD, I tried the same definition
with MythMusic, but it complains about the ALSA:analog device it cannot


Daniel Savard


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