[mythtv-users] choosing an archive format for recordings

Alexander Varakin avarakin at optonline.net
Tue Aug 10 21:19:51 EDT 2004

> On Sat, 7 Aug 2004, Leo Weppelman wrote:
>> The biggest 'problem' with avidemux is that it heavily relies on the 
>> gui.
>> Even when I use it to generate the index file, the gui and the status
>> windows pop-up. This makes it next to useless for making a drop-in 
>> script
>> for mythtranscode...
>     The command-line part of avidemux2 says that it dismisses all 
> dialog boxes with the default.  When I fire it up that way, things pop 
> up and down on the screen, but it never waits for you to do anything.  
> I use this line in the a batchindexing script:
> #Set to 0xc0 for MP2 audio in PVR-[23]50 capture
> avidemux2 --index-mpeg $base.nuv $base.nuv.idx $AUDIO_STREAM  --quit
>> It _does_ get the job done though. I exported the nuv+sql and did the
>> cutting and re-created on mpeg2 file. I rebuild the recordedmarkup
>> table from the avidemux index file and shoved it all back into myth. The
>> only thing that is not correct is the total-time in the videoplayer 
>> although
>> I did change the endtime and the filename to reflect the shorter 
>> time. Funny
>> thing is that in watch-recordings the duration is correctly 
>> displayed....
>> I'm unsure on how to proceed though. I don't feel qualified to stuff the
>> mpeg2 code from avidemux in mythtranscode. I never mangled mpeg2 files
>> before :-/
>> Leo.
>     I agree.  Avidemux seems to work, but it's not completely friendly 
> as a command-line tool.

Why do you struggle with Avidemux?
There is much easier way:
1. run commflag
2. in "watch recordings", press E then Z
3. review and change, if needed,  commflag's marks
4. run nuvexport, encode into DVD or whatever you like
5. Put encoded file into directory of MythVideo or burn it on DVD

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