[mythtv-users] Mini ITX motherboards

Scott Nicholson mythtv at scottnic.com
Tue Aug 10 00:29:12 EDT 2004

> As another personal opinion piece, I'd keep the TiVO and build myself an 
> equally gorgeous-looking mATX box with a cheap athlon or something in 
> it, and fiddle with lirc until you can get the TiVO remote working on it 
> in the exact same way as on the TiVO, and then gradually phase out the 
> TiVO (or shift it to the other TV) as your skillz with Myth become ever 
> more mad and 733t. But then you won't get on /. that way ;^)

Just wanted to pipe in with my opinion on this -- My understanding is 
that you've got a TiVo with a lifetime sub but don't want to keep a 
landline just to get the program data?

The (non-myth) option would be to install a network card in the TiVo and 
do it via your net connection, but I don't know what version of the box 
you have or how easy it is to do this, and besides you wouldn't be 
running a Myth system this way and this is a Myth mailing list so...

My suggestion would be to sell the TiVo and use the money to build a 
sweet little Myth box. TiVo Lifetime Subscriptions are transferrable (or 
at least they were when I sold mine) and increase the value of the TiVo 
considerably. I'd bet you could get at least a couple hundred (possibly 
much more, depending on the model) for the TiVo and you could get a 
really nice case for that (and have a fair bit left over to go towards 
the mobo, hd, etc.)

Just MHO.


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