[mythtv-users] Re: Pundit

Dennis Hand 4hands at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 9 21:41:14 EDT 2004

Steven wrote:
> I've had a few passing trough my hands recently and most are very quiet
> but some aren't. Must be something with the fans but couldn't figure out
> what. 6 out of 8 systems i've seen the harddisk was the noiseiest part.
> I can also say that pundit-r systems make more noise than the original
> model. They even released a bios upgrade for this but it is still louder.

>I think I have seen the same thing. I have two friends who both have copied
>pundit spec exactly. One seems fine but the other friend complains that his
>fan is noisy. I assumed that was because he likes to poke the fan and slow
>down to see the temperature change but maybe it is a manufacturer defect.
>pundit is very quiet and even my LB (Liquid Bearing) drive is the loudest
>in the machine.

If you go into the bios and under Hardware Monitor the very first thing is
the fan option. Enable it. That will put the fan in its default speed. ALOT
quiter!!!! Some are shipped with this option enabled and some aren't. Don't
ask me why.


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