[mythtv-users] Mini-ITX motherboard

MacNean C. Tyrrell dardack at nycap.rr.com
Mon Aug 9 18:39:23 EDT 2004

Thanks but it seems to be just a diskless frontend.  I don't want that.  
I will check it out more and see if he has some good stuff to get it's 
hardware working under linux and such.  Thanks.

Michael J. Lynch wrote:

> This link may help answer some of your questions.  Myth project built 
> on VIA EPAI M motherboard.
> http://linpvr.org/
> MacNean C. Tyrrell wrote:
>> Ok, i seem to be the first to undertake this project, but oh well.
>> I have a tivo which apparently i stupidly subbed for a year ago, i 
>> had a series 1 version 1.3, no sub to record, but my wife wanted to 
>> have the guide data, so i gave in.  But we recently got rid of our 
>> land line for just our cell phones.  I was spending 35 dollars a 
>> month just so tivo could dial out.  So i knew that i could record 
>> manually before, but now i can't.  Basically tivo said too bad.   And 
>> i've been unable to find a SVR 2000 1.3 image out there.  Anyways,
>> i'm looking to remove the hardware from the box, my wife likes the 
>> look and size, and putting in mythtv hardware.  I figure a mini-itx 
>> will fit, i measured it, will be tight going left to right, the fan 
>> there might just be in the way, perhaps not.  So i've come across 
>> some mini itx's that have TV-out, lan, sound, would just add a 
>> hauppage pvr 250 using a pci riser and would prolly have to cut some 
>> of my own holes, but it's in the back should be a big deal, plus they 
>> already cut holes, would just have to modify theirs.
>> Anyways, i was wondering if anyone has one of these mini-itx boards 
>> with integrated everything and if it works with mythtv well.  The one 
>> problem i see is the power supply.  Anyone know what wattage i would 
>> need to run one of these mini's and the pvr 250, and a small size, it 
>> has to fit between the back of the tivo and the harddrives.  Would 
>> have to cut a bigger hole for the cable and make a few holes for the 
>> fan.  I mean if i don't have to buy a case, harddrives and such, i 
>> just want to use the case.  I dont need a cdrom except to install.  
>> etc.  Any help would be appreciated.
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