[mythtv-users] Nvidia 720x480 troubles

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Aug 9 12:44:23 EDT 2004

> >that 720x480 is the best resolution to capture at with the Hauppauge card,

> You need to set your recording profiles to use an aspect ratio of square.
> You will also need to set any other program you use (xine, mplayer ) to 
> use square as well.
> You really shouldn't need to do this but nvidia can't seem to ever get 
> anything quite right.

 The problem is that X's DisplayWidthMM and DisplayHeightMM 
(used in videoout_xv.cpp) are returning values that work out to be an aspect 
ratio of 1.5(4:3 with 720x480 is not) and videoutbase.cpp doesn't take 
into account situations where the source image is identical to the 
current display resolutions. As such it is forcing a resize of the 
video down to be 640x480 displayed on a 720x480 screen.

 You might be able to get around it with by setting some of the setup
options relating to display size but I never tried that.   If noone
else submits a patch I'll send in mine this evening I've been using
it for a coupel days without problems.

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