[mythtv-users] Image quality, what effects it?

Terrence Martin tmartin at physics.ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 9 02:28:52 EDT 2004

So I have my mythtv set up, insofar as it records properly.

However I am not happy as yet with the output, neither livetv nor 
recorded programs.

The image seems grainy. Now currently I am attributing this mostly to 
the WinTV bt8x8 that I am using. Once my PVR250 arrives I will know 
better where I stand.  In particular the color is a bit washed out. Even 
with a filter. I understand the bt8x8 are known for this.

I have a couple more questions though...

Is there a quality difference between svideo and composite?
How much effect does the cable quality have on the output?
What kind of vertical and horizontal refresh do people find a standard 
analog TV can do?  Specifically does anyone know what a sony trinitron 
32 inch KV32S42 do?

I am thinking I want to switch from svideo to composite out, for the 
primary reason that if I do that I can use my reciever (svideo overides 
my Sony Trinitrons composite video in).  Of course only if I do not 
loose quality as a result.



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