[mythtv-users] Basic and Premium cable, tune0 and a box on composite4

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Sun Aug 8 23:43:10 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I recently got my IR transmitter working with my unusual set top box.  Here
is my setup:

PVR 250 with basic channels on Tuner 0 via coax, scrambled pay channels via
a set top box on composite4.

Tuner0 is sourceid1 composite4 is sourceid2.  Both have guide data
associated with them.  There is no overlap in channel numbers.

When I view my complete program guide, all the channels are there, and when
I schedule recordings, the system will automatically switch seamlessly
between  inputs (and change the channel on my set top).

However, when I'm watching live TV, I have to press C to switch inputs if I
want to see the scrambled channels and scroll through them.  Is there anyway
I can have all my channels appear in the same listing when I'm watching live
TV, and have it auto switch the input on my card without any further
intervention from me?  I'd like to be able to punch in the channel number of
a channel on composite4 while I'm currently on tuner0 and have the system
intelligently switch over.  Is this currently supported?  I haven't been
able to confirm, although I've seen some references in the archives to it
coming soon.

Any info greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


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