[mythtv-users] Re: btaudio modprobe.conf

Adam Felson a.f.5 at pobox.com
Sun Aug 8 21:42:53 EDT 2004

From: Romain Kang <romain at kzsu.stanford.edu>
>My impression was that ALSA uses snd_bt87x instead of btaudio.  No?

Correct.  However, I'd recomend staying away from alsa's snd_bt87x.  My
experience was that it couldn't run more than 3 days without dying.  I
switched to the OSS btaudio driver and my problems vanished.  The latest
alsa version I had tried was 1.0.5.

The problem may be related to myth's buffering bug.  Even with an athlon
xp 3000 and 768M of memory, myth-cvs still can't handle two bt87x
captures and commercial flagging without spewing "Ran out of free audio
buffers :-(" errors.

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