[mythtv-users] Ugly TV Capture/Blank LiveTV with PVR-250

Benjamin Carlisle bcarlisle at 24oz.com
Sun Aug 8 11:25:46 EDT 2004

Here is the output of my modprobe tveeprom:

tvee: Hauppauge: model=32032, rev=B326, serial#=7194195
tvee: tuner=Temic 4036FY5 (idx=26, type=8)
tvee: tuner fmt=NTSC(M) (eeprom=0x08, v4l2=0x00001000)
tvee: audio_processor=MSP3440 (type=11) 

I tried changing my ivtv option "tuner=39" to "tuner=8" and I did get some
channel audio, but the video was static. Is this the correct type?

Thanks for the help...

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Benjamin Carlisle wrote:

>   However, when it comes to LiveTV, I'm having issues. If I open up 'Watch
>TV' within the Frontend, I get a blank screen for about 10 seconds, and
>it returns to the frontend menu. I'm guessing something may be segfaulting.
>Here's another interesting fact.. The resulting MPG from a "cat /dev/video0
>>test.mpg" comes through, but it is VERY ugly. There is an high-pitched
>audio whining in the background and the screen is distorted and full of
>short white lines (I'll furnish a screenshot if someone thinks it will
>help). At first I thought it may be a frequency issue... I'm in the States,
>so I am using NTSC and a cable input on the card. I checked that I'm set to
>NTSC, tried both the us-cable and us-cable-hrc frequency tables, etc. No
>dice. Also strange is that "ptune.pl" segfaults.
>   There is a clue in the mythfrontend output: I have one line which says
>"Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION". I'm not sure if that has
>anything to do with the problem.. I have not upgraded/changed either the
>frontend or backend. There are no real clues in the mythbackend.log. I've
>tried all the PCI slots on the board with the same results.
>   I did change my tuner type (for ivtv module) to 39, because the default
>of tuner=2 was straight-up static. I also modified the XF86Config-4 so that
>I could use the TV's Horiz/Vert refresh values.
Sounds like 39 is the wrong tuner type.  What's the output of modprobe 
tveeprom (it will be in /var/log/messages or the output of dmesg).

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