[mythtv-users] Problem building today's CVS of mythtv. What did I miss?

Hamish Moffatt hamish at cloud.net.au
Sat Aug 7 10:18:39 EDT 2004

On Sat, Aug 07, 2004 at 09:35:39AM -0400, William wrote:
> I am trying to build today's CVS and I keep getting the same error output.
> What am I doing wrong? Here is the error output.
> vp3dsp_sse2.o   -L/usr/lib/qt-3.1/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt-mt -lXext -lX11
> -lm -lpthread
> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXext

It would appear that you are missing some X11 development libraries,
because libXext should be in /usr/X11R6/lib ..

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish at debian.org> <hamish at cloud.net.au>

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