[mythtv-users] Checkbox problem in the preferences applications ?

Erwan Arzur erwan at free.fr
Fri Aug 6 10:20:40 EDT 2004

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

> On Friday 06 August 2004 06:02, Erwan Arzur wrote:
>>now i think this question has already been answered thousands of
>>times, but i did not find any reference in the archives or in
>>google,...  I can't make proper setup of my mythtv box, because i
>>cannot check any of the checkboxes (tried the right arrow, all keys
>>on the keyboard and remote, and i just can't check them !) It's very
>>fustrating :-)
>>Any idea to solve this ? my next try will be to grab a cvs version of
>>mythtv and recompile it.
> Are you sure it's not working?  Sometimes the Qt style selected makes it 
> nearly impossible to tell the difference between a checked & 
> non-checked box, especially if you're viewing on a TV screen.  Try 
> changing your Qt style (Under Setup->Appearance).  For reference, I'm 
> using "Platinum" at home.

This is when you feel very dumb ! I was using the default desktop style, 
and i remember having read about this already.

Thanks a lot !

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