[mythtv-users] nvidia tv-out passthrough to pvr350 s-video-in?

Sascha Uelpenich sascha.u at gmx.net
Fri Aug 6 10:13:53 EDT 2004

John Kuhn wrote:

> your using matthias X driver and your playback is poor? after loading 
> that driver all my divx playback is flawless on my 667mhz PII box..
> --John

Yes, it only works with mplayer's -framedrop option. If I do not use
this parameter it's like slow motion... And watching movies w/
-framedrop is not satisfying.

I tried the "new" ivtvdev driver that comes w/ recent versions of
ivtv-1.1.10pre (I think starting with pre99m or so) and with this one
divx playback was even slower. In addition, I cannot see any performance
difference when using mplayer with "-vo xv" or with "-vo ivtvosd". The
only difference is that movies with "-vo ivtvosd" only cover the upper
two thirds of the screen. "-vo ivtv" does not show any video, only sound


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