[mythtv-users] nvidia tv-out passthrough to pvr350 s-video-in?

René Pollesch r.pollesch at gmx.de
Fri Aug 6 07:51:37 EDT 2004

Sascha wrote:

> I'm quite happy with my myth-box (Mythtv 0.14, ivtv ck100m, ivtvdev_drv,
> pvr350, nvidia GeForce2MX). I'm currently using the pvr's tv-out and the
> quality is way better than it was with the nvidia's tv-out, especially when
> watching live tv or recorded sports events like formula 1 or soccer.
> Unfortunately divx playback now s**ks on my 900MHz PIII due to the pvr's
> inherent performance problems if it does not deal with MPEG2 streams (those
> problems were discussed in many previous mailings).
> I'm currently trying to figure out if it is possible to combine the
> advantages of both cards (good quality of pvr's tv-out w/ fast divx playback
> of the nvidia card) with the following measures:
> - Set up both tv-outs as xinerama screens (already did that, it works)
> - Connect the nvidia's tv-out w/ the pvr's s-video-in (already did that,
> too)
> - Configure mplayer in mythtv for DVD, (S)VCD and DivX with option
> "-xineramascreen 1" which is the nvidia's xinerama screen (did that, did not
> work :-( )
> - Start mplayer in mythtv with a script that configures the pvr to
> passthrough the input of its s-video-in to its tv-out. I tried that with
> several combinations of ivtvctl -n, -p, -P, -l, -K but ... unfortunately to
> no avail.
> What I'd like to know is:
> - Is this a feasible way to go or are there any pitfalls that I have
> overlooked?


I don't think so, because you're still using the nVidia's TV-Out which
is responsible for the "bad" quality and I can't imagine that the
PVR-350 will improve your signal quality in any way. Please correct me
if I'm wrong because I am interessted in a solution of this problem,

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