[mythtv-users] HDTV & NTSC same backend, 1 source

David George david at thegeorges.us
Thu Aug 5 23:49:38 EDT 2004

Brian Foddy wrote:

>Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
>I have a single backend with 4 cards,
>cardid's 1-3 are PVR250s,
>cardid 4 is a pcHDTV.
Sounds like my setup, except that cardid 1 is pcHDTV and 2-4 are PVR-250.

>I've defined 1 broadcast source grabbing from datadirect.
>The source includes both ntsc and atsc channels.
Do you actually care to receive NTSC over the air?  I have done the same 
thing but reception on the NTSC channels is poor here, so I only care 
about the ATSC channels.  I actually use cable to receive the local 
non-digital broadcast channels and Directv to receive the "cable" channels.

>I've gone through the database and renumbered the hd channels
>to 100+ the base number, and changed the corresponding 
>frequency to the proper hd value, and the tvformat of these
>records is all ATSC; the normal channels are default, being
>Whenever I select a program to record from the hd channels,
>it doesn't use cardid 4, but one of the lower ones.
Have you tried to increase the priority for the ATSC channels on the 
HDTV card?  Of course you should have at least two lineups, because the 
PVR-250 isn't capable of HDTV so they shouldn't have those channels in 
the database as being available to record from.

>The only way I've historically been able to get the HD card
>to be used, is if I define a second source and duplicate
>all the channels all over.  But this is very cluttering on the
>program guide.  I've been all over the docs and forum lists,
>but can't find what I'm missing...
The program guide shouldn't be cluttering as it joins the channels based 
on callsign(?).  I actually have 3 lineups on DataDirect.  One for 
broadcast, one for cable, and one for Directv.


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