[mythtv-users] OT: Tivo Users Can, So Can MythTV users?

Geoff at Hundekeandroyal dot com mythtv at hundekeandroyal.com
Thu Aug 5 19:44:06 EDT 2004

James Satterfield wrote:
> I have no use for show sharing in mythtv. I've seen all your recording
> lineups.
> :)
> James.

Well, I think that's the main point, the method by which we choose to 
share, and not the actual sharing itself (which seems to be the sticking 

The driver behind my initial post was the ability to share an EPG, and 
barrow other peoples PVR-x50 downtime to get stuff I already am allowed 
to get.  If I wanted to share files at the risk of castration at the 
behest of the MPAA and RIAA, I can already do so, as pointed out in this 

In America it is appearing more and more that unless you can make money 
from it, it's illegal.  If you can make money from it, but chose not to, 
it's illegal.  If you can make money from it, but haven't yet, it's 
illegal.  If you already make money at it, you decide what's legal.

Concerns are warranted, I don't mean to jest.  But I guess we've come to 
a point that we will need non-American, non-Australian, people to do 
this as a non-MythTV package for non-pay TV service.  In the end, we'd 
just end up sharing BBC shows.

Which brings up another issue...sharing across country lines.  What if I 
choose to share with a Canadian?  An Australian?  A German?  A Russian?

Ah, I'm left want for my freedoms.

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