[mythtv-users] Nagios MythTV Plugin?

Terrence Martin tmartin at physics.ucsd.edu
Thu Aug 5 17:08:29 EDT 2004

Matt Perry wrote:

>Hi all,
>After a bit of googling, I've come to the conclusion that an official Nagios 
>plugin for monitoring MythTV doesn't exist.
>Has anyone written one?  Before I write one, I just figured I'd ask.  I have 
>no idea how much work I'm getting myself into, since I've never coded 
>anything for Nagios before :)
>	- Matt
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Depends what you want to monitor.

A nagios plugin can be simply a script like this


echo "HELLOWORLD OK [Hello World Nagios Plugin]"
exit 0

That is to say that nagios wants simple output. What is complicated is 
what you want to test to get to that simple output. You could test if a 
file exists in a particular directory or you could have a plugin that 
performs some query that touches on all key code paths in the target 
system. It is really up to you.

So as to whether or not you are getting yourself into a lot of work 
really depends on how much work you want to get yourself into. You 
should look to see if any of the current modules will give you what you 
are looking for. Out of the box nagios can look at whether a process is 
running, how many are running, basic system stats, various http tests 
with configurable URL's etc...The basic tests could probably get your 
80% or more the way to knowing if your mythtv box is healthy. The only 
reason to write a module is because you want to actually exercise some 
of the mythtv code paths themselves.


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