[mythtv-users] Nagios MythTV Plugin?

Kendrick Vargas ken at hudat.com
Thu Aug 5 15:05:05 EDT 2004

Matt Perry wrote:

> After a bit of googling, I've come to the conclusion that an official Nagios 
> plugin for monitoring MythTV doesn't exist.
> Has anyone written one?  Before I write one, I just figured I'd ask.  I have 
> no idea how much work I'm getting myself into, since I've never coded 
> anything for Nagios before :)

Depends on how much work you want to put into it. If you simply want to 
write something that checks to make sure that the server is listening on 
it's given IP address, you don't have to do anything. I believe there's a 
generic check_tcp command in either the default distribution or the add-on 
pack for nagios.

If you want something more extensive which would check things like available 
space and/or something like that, I imagine you could do so by checking and 
parsing the HTML status page from the server. You could do something like 
that in perl or php without too much difficulty.

Nagios check_ commands are simply regular commands that spit out an expected 
output. Whatever you write, you just have to make sure you accept a certain 
set of standard options and spit out a result in an expexted format. It's 
really quite easy. You could even do it as a standard bash script. Once you 
do that, it's just a matter of defining the command in the nagios config.

Let he who is without clue kiss my ass.

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