[mythtv-users] Serial IR Blaster vs. USB-UIRT IR Blaster

Jordan Crombie jordan.crombie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 09:42:10 EDT 2004

I (as well as my buddy) got it from mytvstore.com, here is a link for ya...


Just in case you know some others in T.O. who would like to cook up a
myth box, you can get it working with Look TV.  I had look first
(about a year ago) and got it working with Myth.  That got my buddy
into it and now he has an all in one box running two Look Boxes with

Look for those not from 'round here is an MMDS, much like digital cable.  

As far a the SA3200, it works just fine with lirc with my attached lircd.conf . 

There is a USB interface on the SA that you can plug a keyboard into
and change channels with the arrows and type in number the the pad.  I
am looking into getting one of these serial to USB cables and trying
to write something that will send out the boxes serial and into the
USB on the box.  I don't think its gonna work at all, but i need a

Some have said you cannot use the USB port on the PC jacked right into
the SA3200 as they are both hosts.  This makes sense.  If however one
could figure out what the USB keyboard is sending and then dump that
down the serial to USB attached to the SA ..... as I said.... prolly
never work.

Anyway...Im rambling.....

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