[mythtv-users] OT: Tivo Users Can, So Can MythTV users?

Charles Lavin myth at charleylavin.com
Wed Aug 4 20:04:40 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 18:34, Geoff at Hundekeandroyal dot com wrote:
> I'm sure we've all seen this article over at slashdot:
> http://yro.slashdot.org/yro/04/08/04/2212251.shtml?tid=158&tid=95&tid=103
> The short version is, that despite objectionable objections by the MPAA 
> and NFL (yes, you read that right, the NFL. They must have some pretty 
> dim techies over there if they think thiner arguments even approached 
> reality), the FCC as given the nod to TIVO to allow users to share 
> recorded videos with up to 9 friends.
> Now, having followed the list for quite some time, I know this can be a 
> touchy issue, and with all due respect to the list and dev's, is there a 
> way to take the idea of this feature from Tivo, and apply it to Myth, 
> but pump it up a little?  I realize with Tivo there is some "protection" 
> as you have to keep a list of "approved friends" with Tivo.  Obviously 
> this is not attractive to MythTV users...not should it even be necessary.
> Two ideas:
> 1)  Mirror exactly what Tivo will be doing.  You record, and send.  I 
> know that this can already be done, but it's certainly not a "part" of 
> MythTV.
> 2)  The more attractive option is where a group of friends come together 
> and "share" a Program Guide.  On the community program guide, it only 
> shows the channels that you ALREADY receive.  You find a recording you 
> would like to make, and if for some reason your card can't record it 
> (watching live TV, or doing another recording), another "friend" in the 
> group "loans" his capture card and records the show for you.  It is then 
> sent to you after the recording has finished.
> This essentially gives you multiple cards at your disposal, but keeps it 
> on the up and up by not allowing you to record shows you don't pay for. 
>   No reason why I should be able to get Showtime programs when I don't 
> pay for Showtime.
> Perhaps you could throttle the uploads too so they don't soak your 
> friend who graciously donated his card and his bandwidth for you so you 
> didn't miss the one episode of Golden Girls.
> I realize there is ample opportunity here for flame, so I've donned my 
> Asbestos Suite.  Flame away.
> Geoff
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It seems they also granted permission to other companies as well.


        In addition to approving TiVo's application, the FCC certified
        12 other technologies proposed, including ones by software giant
        Microsoft Corp., Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news) (news - web
        sites)., and RealNetworks Inc. for protecting distribution of
        digital television broadcasts.
Just because the big boys get to play doesn't mean that we get too.


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