[mythtv-users] maxnewest | maxepisodes | autoexpire

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Aug 4 15:47:13 EDT 2004

> If autoexpire is set for a recording, then that recording should be able
> to be expired (by disk space limitation or having reached maxepisodes
> w/maxnewest set).  If you don't want the episode to be deleted, then
> disable autoexpire for that recording.  At least, that's how I'm arguing
> that autoexpire should be applied.
> I do see the distinction between "Preserve Episode" and "AutoExpire
> Episode", I'm just not sure that the distinction is strong enough to
> warrant a new field in the database plus new items in the various
> clients.  Then again, it's not up to me.
> Chris

As the guy who added both the autoexpire and maxnewest/maxepisodes
options, I'll say they function separately as intended.  The code that
handles the maxepisodes delete is inside the autoexpire thread, but that
was done for ease of implementation.  I have had it on my TODO for a long
time to look at adding some sort of "UNdeletable" flag on a recording
that could be turned on to mark an episode as undeletable.  This flag
would apply everywhere in Myth including auto-expire, maxepisodes, and
the Watch Recordings and Delete screens.  Here's how it would be handled:

Auto-Expire -
	Auto-expire would ignore this recording when gathering the list of
	programs that can be expired (even if the auto-expire flag was set
	for the recording).

MaxNewest/MaxEpisodes -
	If maxnewest and maxepisodes were set, then the code that deletes
	the oldest episode would delete the oldest episode that was deletable
	meaning the oldest episode that did not have the undeletable flag set.

Watch Recordings/Delete screens -
	If the user tried to delete the recording, a popup would inform them
	that the recording was flagged as undeletable.  The 'Delete' button
	would probably not be available on the menu, or it could be available,
	but would popup the "this recording is flagged as undeletable" dialog
	the same as if the user had hit the 'D' key.

The code in mythbackend that actually handles deleting recordings from
the DB and the filesystem would also check this field to make sure that
nothing else was trying to delete a file that was marked as undeletable.
If MythWeb allows deleting files, it could be modified as well to show the
recording as undeletable.



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