[mythtv-users] At long Last...

Brian Boyle brian.boyle at craigmedia.com
Wed Aug 4 13:09:42 EDT 2004

Hey folks.


            I have finally got it all working (well almost). The last
thing I felt I had to get working was both versions of LIRC, one for the
receiver using the Hauppague receiver and a homebrew transmitter to run
my Sat receiver. This was done this weekend with out to much difficulty.
Now that I have everything working I have come to the one thing that has
been bugging me for sometime, when I go into the "Watch Recordings" menu
during an active recording, the recording stops. As far as the system is
concerned it is still happening. Meaning if I try to watch live TV it
says that the system is still recording but the actual recording does
not continue. I have confirmed this by watching the recording and seeing
that the time line is not changing. I am using a PVR-350 with the 1.9
driver and I have patched the driver. The version of Myth I am using is
.15.1. I also tried to get "the" X driver working (the IVTVFB driver)
but was unsuccessful. When I tried it all I got was a black screen with
a curser. This says to me that the IVTV driver was working since I have
still got the patch working but when I changed my X config file to use
IVTVDEV instead of FBDEV it was then that everything failed.


I am guessing that it is the FBDEV driver that is causing the recordings
to stop. Has anyone else had a problem like this???


Thanks for all the great work everyone. Myth is am inspired application.




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