[mythtv-users] maxnewest | maxepisodes | autoexpire

Chris Strom mythtv at eeeCooks.com
Wed Aug 4 10:26:19 EDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 09:40:06AM -0400, Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> On Wednesday 04 August 2004 08:37, Chris Strom wrote:
> > If I remove the autoexpire flag from a recording, shouldn't that
> > prevent it from being expired, regardless of the expiration
> > mechanism?  When a recording schedule has maxnewest (`Record new and
> > expire old?' in MythWeb) set to `1' and the maxepisodes limit is
> > reached for that schedule, myth currently expires the oldest
> > recording, regardless of the autoexpire flag.  I expected it to
> > expire the oldest recording *with autoexpire set*.
> Then you'd be expecting incorrectly :-)
> > Is there a reason for not honoring autoexpire in this case?
> Yes.  Autoexpire and maxnewest/maxepisodes are not related.  Autoexpire 
> is a mechanism to indicate which shows *may* be deleted if available 
> disk space falls below the threshold you set.  Maxnewest/maxepisodes is 
> a mechanism to make sure that Myth will *never* save more than N 
> episodes of a program, regardless of disk space.

Is there a reason that autoexpire could not be overloaded to apply to 
both disk space needs and maxepisodes?

> Think of it like this:  I set autoexpire on 'unimportant' things that I 
> record, where I don't care if they get deleted to free up disk space 
> for other things I want to record.
> I set 'maxnewest/maxepisodes' for things like 'The Simpsons' or 'ST:TNG' 
> that are on several times a day, so my 'Watch Recordings' list doesn't 
> get cluttered up with more episodes than I can realistically watch.  I 
> like to have a couple of episodes always hanging around for when I'm in 
> the mood, but I'm not really concerned with catching *every* re-run.

Which is what I use maxnewest/maxepisodes for as well.  It works well
for this, but sometimes there is a specific episode that I'd like to
have hang around indefinitely.  It's been a while since I've seen the
Simpsons with the 3D Homer.  Once it gets recorded, it'd be nice to be
able to flag it as non-deletable so that tomorrow's Simpsons marathon
doesn't auto-delete it.

Regardless, I see your point, so I suppose this is something of a
feature request.  At the same time, the label `Record new and expire
old?' in MythWeb is easily confused with the autoexpire flag is it not?
I rarely use the MythTV interface to schedule recording, so I don't know
how it's labelled there, but perhaps `Record new and delete old?' would
lead to less confusion.  Then again, I'm apparently the first to be
confused, so maybe it's just PABKAC ;)

Thanks for clearing things up for me,


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