[mythtv-users] Quick and dirty workaround

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Aug 4 03:56:25 EDT 2004

Matt Morgan wrote:
>>  "If specified, the tuner will change to this
>>  channel when the input is selected.  This is only
>>  useful if you use your tuner input with an external
>>  channel changer."
> Thanks. So I should put "3" in that setting? I don't really understand 
> what that tip is trying to tell me.

It says that if you have an external channel changer (which you
do in the cable box) and you've connected it to the tuner input
of your capture card (which you still haven't fessed up to) then
always make sure the capture card tuner is preset to this channel
and pass the real channel to the "External channel change command".

So, if a scheduled recording or channel channel change is asked
to go to "20", set the capture card tuner to "3" and pass "20"
as an arg to the external channel change command. If it needs
to go to 42, set the capture card tuner to "3" and pass "42" to
the external command.

>  I don't want the tuner to do 
> anything, I just want it not to get involved.

But you got it involved when you wired it up that way. Unscrew
the coax to the tuner input and run an s-video cord from the
cable box to the s-video input of the capture card instead. No
RF interference, better quality, no tuning involved.

In the meantime, you do want it to do something; you want it
to be sure it is tuned to "3" any time that it is asked to
start recording.

--  bjm

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