[mythtv-users] MythTV Setup - Hardware

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Aug 4 01:53:41 EDT 2004

Russ wrote:

> MythBackend starts but doesn't connect to the card
> ...
> 2004-08-03 20:20:34 Channel::Open(): Can't open: /dev/video0
> /dev/video0: No such device

You don't have a /dev/video0 device.

> I open YaST and it says my PVR-250 card is configured as #0. Therefore 
> in MythSetup I choose:
> Capture Card Setup
> Capture Setup 'MPEG-2 Ecoder card PVR-250'
> Video Device '/dev/video0'
> VBI '/dev/vbi0'  (have no idea what 'VBI' is)

Vertical Blanking Interval.  During the VBI, the TV isn't drawing to the 
screen, so broadcasters use the VBI to transmit additional (non-visual) 
information, i.e. Closed Captions (CC), Wide Screen Signalling (WSS), 
Video Programming Signal (VPS), and/or Program Delivery Control (PDC).

> Any suggestions??

The problem could be any of the following:

a)  Your system has defined the video/vbi nodes underneath some 
directory in /dev, such as "/dev/v4l."  If this is the case, you should 
be able to find it with a simple:
find /dev -name 'video*' -print

b)  Your system does not have any devices defined for video/vbi and you 
are not using devfs or udev.  If that's the case, create the appropriate 
nodes as described at 
http://mythtv.info/moin.cgi/IvTv_2fPreRelease10Docs_2finstall (note that 
the same commands can be used even if you're not using IvyTV).

c)  Your system is using devfs or udev, but for some reason is not 
creating the video/vbi nodes.  More likely, though, if using devfs or 
udev, the nodes are being created under some directory, and you haven't 
found them (i.e. as described in a).

d) Something I haven't thought of.  :)



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