[mythtv-users] GeForce 4 MX 440 - tvout motion

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Aug 3 06:30:16 EDT 2004

huffman at graze.net wrote:
> No options fix the motion issues w/ this card and mythtv.  Using
> Fedora Core 2 (w/ kernel 2.6), newest nvidia drivers, setting flicker
> filter to 1 and turning on kerneldeint gives me the best quality yet. 
> However, I still have panning issues....I tried the OpenGL sync and it's
> horrible - the audio and video stops and starts every second or so.

I am using an MX-440 for *HDTV* output (on my dev machine), which is a 
lot more demanding, with no real problems.  Can you try renicing (-10 or 
so) your X server, and -2 or so your mythfrontend?

How about your encoder settings?  If the bitrate is too high you'll 
consume a lot of CPU doing decoding, with not enough left for proper 
output.  Is your *system* fast enough?  Is the CPU pegged when doing 

Also try turning on Extra Audio Buffering.

OpenGL vsync is a lot more accurate than the old sleep/busywait method, 
but should be virtually identical to the old Experimental AV Sync 
option.  Get it working and your problems should be solved.

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