[mythtv-users] Two PVR-250's, different tuner types

Blammo[doh] blammo at dohboys.com
Tue Aug 3 02:28:11 EDT 2004

Wow, I've never been so easily misunderstood as on this list. :(

Nice to see someone else having the same problem with ONE card, thank you
for the URL. however, you'll note in my email, I refer to TWO cards, EACH
requiring a different tuner type.

Card 1: Rev B382 -- requires "tuner type=39" -- type 2 gives scrambled junk
Card 2: Rev B310 -- requires "tuner type=2" -- type 39 gives scrambled junk

Haven't found a successfully way to get them BOTH working at the same time.

hence the "help" request.

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