[mythtv-users] Quick and dirty workaround

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Aug 2 23:28:56 EDT 2004

Matt Morgan wrote:
> I haven't had time to work on my problems getting my IR Blaster to work 
> with my Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable box. Other people have succeeded, 
> and I'm sure I will one day. Until then, I hoped I could record shows 
> semi-manually, just by tuning the SA2100 myself to the right channel 
> ahead of time. The thing is, mythtv then tunes itself to the channel the 
> scheduled recording is on. Since it needs to stay on channel 3, I get 
> snow for the recording.

"Stay on channel 3"? If you have a cable box, you should try to
use s-video or maybe composite which are less susceptible to
interference. However, this implies that you are using RF coax
to your tuner input. If so, there is already is a hack for this
odd arrangement....

> I tried going into the video source and setting the external channel 

s/video source/input connection/

> changing program to /usr/local/bin/change_channel.sh. It won't work, but 
> I figured it would at least keep mythtv from changing its own channel. 
> But it didn't work. How can I keep mythtv from trying to control the 
> channel internally?

The very next item after "External channel change command" is
"Preset tuner to channel":

  "If specified, the tuner will change to this
  channel when the input is selected.  This is only
  useful if you use your tuner input with an external
  channel changer."

--  bjm

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