[mythtv-users] Re: MPlayer Occasional Subtitles

Julian Edwards ed at julian-edwards.com
Mon Aug 2 16:32:18 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 16:11, Stephen Tait wrote:
> I'm a UK/PAL guy myself, but don't have any DVD's like this to test - a 
> friend of mine has Kill Bill so I might borrowate it and see if I can 
> figure out what's going on. The fact that you can use Xine to change the 
> text must mean it's in there as an ASCII stream somewhere - again, this is 
> something I've never heard of in DVD's, as I wasn't aware that standalone 
> players supported it. All my DVD rips have SRT subs in them, which are 
> OCR'd from the VOB sub files. When they get chucked in an MPEG4 capable 
> player, you don't get subtitles.
> >xine shows them, and i can change the fon't they appear in, so they're not 
> >rendered on :-) it's just mplayer that doesn't. there must be something 
> >quite clever going on, because none of the subtitle tracks are just those 
> >bits (i.e. subtitles must be turned on & off while you watch or 
> >something). standalone dvd players (and xine) are obviously sophisticated 
> >enough to handle this, mplayer is not.
> Have you checked *all* of the subtitle streams? Have you tried taking a VOB 
> exploder of some description to the disc to see what it turns up?
> Evidently there's a large hole in my DVD knowledge somewhere.

IIRC there's a "forced subtitles" setting somewhere in the Mplayer
config/command line switches.  I don't have the docs in front of me, but
I *think* this is what is needed as some subtitles are "forced" to the
screen even though your language setting is the same as the DVD

Having said that, when I played with it ages ago I didn't get it to work
Julian Edwards

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