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Charlie Brej brejc8 at vu.a.la
Mon Aug 2 14:08:16 EDT 2004

Ian Armstrong wrote:
> Sorry, not an answer to your question, but I've noticed the EPG doesn't seem 
> to be as complete as it should be. I'm not sure why, but at the moment 
> although most channels seem okay, 'five' doesn't seem to have been updated 
> for a few days. (I still have a test grab from 31 July, which is when I 
> noticed the problem). The guide for it runs out at 6am on Friday 6th while 
> most of the other channels are good until the 9th. Depends on how accurate 
> you want your guide to be as to whether you switch now, or wait and see what 
> happens.

Try moving your time fetch time to some earlier or later time. I had problems 
with it not inserting any data for a few days until i moved to a 2am fetch. The 
14 days in advance guide is pants and I force another fetch 10 and 5 days in 
advance to get rid of the TBAs etc.

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