[mythtv-users] EPIA fan noise ?

Darryl Okahata darrylo at soco.agilent.com
Mon Aug 2 13:54:05 EDT 2004

John Pullan <jmp at tarantella.com> wrote:

> I'm wondering about
> getting a 10000M but I was wondering about how much noise the fan makes,
> (given that it'll be sat in a silent room). 

     I can't speak for others, but my M10000 fan is fairly quiet.
However, the power supply fan is NOISY.  With the case cover off, the
power supply fan is much quieter, but the noise is LOUD with the cover

[ There are fanless power supplies, but I'd be concerned about keeping
  the M10000, disk, etc., cool.  I thought about using a fanless power
  supply with my M10000, but I decided against it, and just shoved the
  box into another room.  ]

	Darryl Okahata
	darrylo at soco.agilent.com

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