[mythtv-users] ptune.pl user vs. root/mythtv

David George david at thegeorges.us
Mon Aug 2 10:59:07 EDT 2004

On 8/2/2004 8:58 AM, Nigel Croxon wrote:

>When I run the program as a regular user, I get a different output and
>the channel doesn't change.  When I run the program as 'root' or as
>'mythtv' user, it works fine.  Log found below.  
>My issue is, as I run the mythfrontend, it doesn't change the channel
>for me.
I don't know why it wouldn't work in mythfrontend.

As for the different results, are you sure the "normal" user and root 
are executing the same ptune.pl?

try 'which ptune.pl' as both the root user and non-root user.

Sorry I couldn't help more, I use rca_control.pl from inside myth and 
only needed to specify rca_control.pl in the external command.  Of 
course this is in card input setup in the backend.

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